Know who you’re working with

We verify the identity and business history of individuals you're considering doing business with.

Politically exposed persons searches:

Individuals who are public-facing and associated with a business increase risk for the company. This search audits a person's public function and identifies potential abuse of their position.

Patriot Act/OFAC searches:

Determines if an individual is on the US government's watch list by searching the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) database.

Anti-money laundering searches:

Examines international watch lists for suspicious money placement, layering, and integration.

Regulatory agency searches:

Determines any known infringements and sanctions from international regulatory agencies.

CT Corporation provides AML and KYC due diligence services
CT Corporation simplifies your process
Our services help you identify and mitigate legal liabilities that could prevent closing on large financial transactions.

It is essential for businesses to understand who they are engaging for any transaction.
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KYC and UBO requirements are a critical part of ongoing global compliance, especially as more jurisdictions are expanding these obligations to include all companies doing business within their borders.


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