Combining the breadth of taxation information of 14 countries in Asia with deep knowledge of local tax laws and expertise

Tax laws and regulations in some featured countries are written in the local language and there is a lack of clear and transparent guidelines on their application and the compliance procedure. The commentary and interpretation of the laws by leading tax practitioners in each country give you expert guidance.
Content coverage


  • Tax Tables and Features  
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Other Taxes (GST, VAT, Customs, Property Tax, etc.)
  • Tax Incentives
  • Dealing with Tax Laws in the Jurisdiction
  • Tax Planning
  • Issues in Tax Deductibility
  • Taxable Presence
  • Practical Issues with the use of Tax Treaties  
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Expatriate Tax planning
  • Tools: Comparison Tables

News and Articles

  • Singapore and Malaysia Tax Tracker, a weekly alerting service  that keeps you up-to-date with news and developments.
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