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Top Six Industry 4.0 Trends to Drive Business Transformation

Digital technology makes it easier than ever to improve operations precisely where the business needs them. Yet heavy industry—the resource sectors, including oil and gas and chemicals—lags significantly behind other traditional sectors.

Why? Processes, procedures and ways of working in heavy industry are often not designed for the digital age, holding back the value that digital tech can deliver.

There is a massive source of untapped value to be gained from digital tools. Companies have been focusing on the hardware side of digitalisation, but the digital enablement of people and processes will drive as much—and if not more—value. There is a huge amount of white space.

These six digital enablers will drive business transformation, to improve processes from within your operations and positively impact your bottom line:

  1. Industry 4.0/X.0 and plant ecosystems
  2. “Everything-as-a-Service”
  3. Consumer tech driving the industrial experience
  4. Demise of the monolith and single-use apps
  5. Data everywhere
  6. Blurring of the digital and physical worlds

Work Faster, Better

The real value is the digital enablement of people in the plant, especially of the increasingly younger and tech-enabled generation working on the plant. With digital tools, operators work faster and better.

As consumers, we clearly see the value in digital interaction. With a few keywords in a search engine, we are able to simultaneously book a flight, find a hotel and coordinate ground transportation. What used to take days, when settled by a travel agent, now takes minutes.

This same user experience doesn’t have to stop when the operator starts work on the plant. As digital consumers, it is fair that workers expect technology to bring the same level of UX design to the field. Today’s workers have a set of inherent tech skills on which digital tools can easily capitalise.

The Top 6 Industry 4.0 Enablers to Transform Your Business

The technology that is needed to drive massive improvements in the efficiency and work experience of workers on the plant is already out there. In this insight brief, we describe the top six Industry 4.0 enablers that are driving innovative business transformation in today’s industries.

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