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ComplianceJune 25, 2020

On-demand webinar: Top regulated states for business licenses – what’s driving rising enforcement?

There are severe consequences for failing to meet business license compliance requirements. This is especially relevant as governments increase enforcement around such infractions. Join this on-demand webinar to learn how to reduce the rising risks of increased business license enforcement.

CT’s subject matter expert reveals the states that are the strictest and explains why action is needed now. Come away with a new approach to managing business license compliance and a framework for stepping up your compliance strategy.

Learn about:

  • Three trends driving increased license enforcement that are here to stay
  • What makes license and permit compliance uniquely complex over other local compliance requirements
  • Which highly-regulated industries and new business verticals are often targeted for enforcement
  • Best practices for ongoing business license compliance and maintaining uninterrupted operations throughout the lifecycle of your businesses.
Linda Hovanec
Associate Director, Product Management

Linda is a former paralegal who has worked in the business of law for over 25 years. As the product manager for CT’s Business License Transactional and Managed Services product line, her focus is helping customers improve compliance and reduce risk with ever-changing and complex business license requirements.

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