Getting Started

Learn how to get started with an UpToDate account available through your organization. Explore overview materials, and learn how to register for an account through your organization, maintain access, and use the UpToDate mobile app.

Maintain Access

Easily maintain access to and manage your UpToDate account. Learn how to view and edit your devices, contact information, and log in information. Log in to your UpToDate account every 90 days from your organization to continue to earn CME credits and to maintain uninterrupted access to remote and mobile app access.

UpToDate log in
video screen - Login
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Log in to earn CME credits and enjoy uninterrupted mobile access.
Manage account
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Manage your account settings including login credentials, CME, mobile devices, and more.

Additional information

  • How to log in to maintain access

    To earn CME credit whenever you research new topics in UpToDate, be sure to log in. Click the log in button in the top right of the screen and enter your UpToDate credentials.

    log in to maintain access log in page for maintaining access 

    Your name and CME tally will now appear in the top right of the screen.

    Your account needs to be re-verified with your subscribing organization every 90 days, which you can do by simply logging in from your hospital or clinic's network. Contact your help desk or UpToDate customer service with any questions. Logging in once every 90 days will ensure uninterrupted mobile app access, CME access, and personalized account features.

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