Enhance clinical education with UpToDate in your training programs

Clinical educators worldwide use UpToDate® in their training programs to demonstrate how our clinical decision support resource is used to apply the latest evidence to improve patient care. To assist you in your instructional efforts, UpToDate has developed complimentary educational materials for hospital grand rounds, professional society meetings, and on-site training programs.

How to use UpToDate in a presentation

We encourage the use of UpToDate materials for teaching purposes. It's important to keep in mind that UpToDate material is protected by copyright. However, topics, graphics, and charts may be reproduced for use as screen shots in slide presentations, or printed for distribution at lectures, courses, and other educational venues within the provisions of our license agreement. Materials must be reproduced directly from UpToDate so that the copyright statement is visible or cited as a source reference (see below) and must be distributed free of charge.

Citing an UpToDate topic

Cite the UpToDate topic as a chapter in a book titled UpToDate, with "Connor RF" (Rebecca Connor, MD, Senior Director of Clinical Content for UpToDate) always listed as the editor, published by Wolters Kluwer. Since an updated version of UpToDate is released on a continual, rolling basis, the date on which the topic was last accessed should be included. There are no page numbers to cite.

Citation example

Friedman LS. Approach to the patient with abnormal liver biochemical and function tests. In: UpToDate, Connor RF (Ed), Wolters Kluwer. (Accessed on March 8, 2023.)

All UpToDate material is protected by copyright. Permission to reproduce material from UpToDate (including figures, tables, and portions of topics) in another publication must be secured in writing. You must obtain from UpToDate express written consent in order to use on your website any content provided on the UpToDate website. See Permission to use or reproduce UpToDate material (PDF).

Complimentary access for educators

UpToDate is pleased to support clinician education efforts by offering complimentary short-term online access to instructors and participants. We provide access to UpToDate for 30 days, which allows the instructor access for course preparation and an extension of the learning experience beyond the course itself for participants to apply UpToDate to help improve patient care.

Please complete the UpToDate Educator Access request form to request short-term complimentary access to UpToDate for your educational program.

Educator Access Request Form

If your organization doesn't meet the minimum requirements of the program, please take a look at other ways UpToDate supports clinicians around the world.

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