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Our award-winning SaaS platform, iLien Motor Vehicle, helps to ensure fewer exceptions, faster time to perfection, and reduced risk to your auto lending portfolio. It’s a single tool to help you maintain loan perfection, manage vehicle liens efficiently, and release titles effortlessly.

Our smart technology is backed by our extensive expertise with jurisdictions across the United States. You have the insights and answers you need — when and where you need them.

Title and registration

Tap into the specialized jurisdictional knowledge and capabilities that help ensure better results. We offer multiple options by which to use our services to better align with your workflows — either directly through our online solution, iLien Motor Vehicle, or via integration with our API. We help with title and registration, lien add/remove/change, lien release, title correction or change, duplicate title, due diligence and VIN searches, and more, so you can provide a smooth experience for your customers.

Title management

Our best-in-class Title Management solution provides support at every step of storing and releasing paper and electronic titles. We understand that borrowers can change, lenders can be acquired, and any number of other changes can require adjustments to titles.
Our expertise help ensures your paper and electronic titles, in all jurisdictions, are up-to-date, and reporting tools give you peace of mind by letting you know when updates are needed and what to do to help stay perfected.

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Lifecycle of a motor vehicle lien
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Lifecycle of a motor vehicle lien
See why motor vehicle lenders look to us for help in keeping up with the lifecycle of a motor vehicle lien.

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