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EHS managers must do more than keep workers safe and healthy, comply with regulatory requirements from OSHA, RIDDOR, WCB and other bodies, and conform with ISO 45001. They must also identify and mitigate risks in order to predict and prevent incidents, promote a safety culture, and make sure that EHS efforts contribute to operational excellence. Enablon’s H&S management software enables you to meet regulatory demands and protect your corporate reputation, while helping to reduce costs, manage risk and streamline internal processes.

Enablon Go
With Enablon Go, improve EHS performance and reduce risks by easily reporting or accessing information, and performing critical tasks from anywhere and at any time.
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Safe workplaces, enhanced productivity

By helping to create a safe operational environment, our software helps you better protect workers. Our solutions promote job and process safety, ensuring your workers are operating safely and efficiently through a combination of an industry-leading user experience that encourages user adoption, mobile capabilities that extend visibility into frontline risks, and predictive, preventive and prescriptive analysis. Operationally, this helps optimize uptime and productivity.


Long-term worker health and performance

Our software solutions enable you to support the long-term health of your workers. From occupational health to industrial hygiene, ergonomics, wellbeing and beyond, our programs are designed to help you safeguard the health and performance of your workers over time.


Sophisticated intelligence for prediction and prevention

Our solutions help you collect both human data from mobile devices and machine data from sensors, equipment and IoT devices. Advanced analytics then produce actionable insights that help you predict and avoid future issues. Also, our Juno AI assistant suggests action plans in response to specific types of incidents, and controls for specific types of risks. Instead of simply reporting incidents, you can prevent them and drive operational excellence.


Holistic HSE management

At Enablon, we understand that HSE must be integrated across multiple business processes to enable more effective management systems. This holistic approach enables you to focus not only on ensuring health and safety, but on protecting your assets, your facilities and the wider community. In turn, this helps you make the business case for continued HSE investment.


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