Key Benefits

  • Staff members will shed their dependence on paper and have access to any document from any location.
  • Implement consistent firm-wide policies that ensure documents are retained for mandated periods of time.
  • Accelerate your business workflow with an electronic repository for all documents.
  • Lower your management costs.
  • Create more time for staff to generate revenue from new clients or provide additional services to existing clients.
  • Further enhance your relationships with clients and third parties with the ability to retrieve and send documents to them with minimal clicks.
  • Save time — find files fast
    Comprehensive and versatile search capabilities make it easier and faster to find information within many types of documents.
  • Enhanced collaboration
    Integration with CCH Portal, lets you create secure, password-protected online spaces where you can publish content to share with your clients and team members and import client-provided files.
  • Better email management
    Email messages are easily organized with the appropriate client files. With CCH Document’s Email Manager add-in to Microsoft Outlook, you can drag and drop email messages, including attachments, into your clients’ folders for easy access and sharing.
  • Improved data safety and security
    A dedicated server provides additional storage for your work papers, data files and back-office documentation. Secure centralized storage is inherently safer than having confidential client files on vulnerable laptops or network drives
  • Preserve work quality and data integrity
    You can designate files as Read Only or Read/Write, check out documents to prevent editing by other users, and maintain previous file versions in the document history.

Organize, retrieve, and share active and historic files quickly and securely in their native formats

Real-time analytics that let you see your workload anywhere and anytime.

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