The Medical City, Philippines
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UpToDate supports clinical effectiveness at The Medical City

Clinical effectiveness is the end-goal of quality healthcare. It determines whether illnesses are prevented or cured, and patients are adequately and satisfactorily cared for. At The Medical City (TMC), the largest healthcare network in the Philippines with a flagship complex, four provincial hospitals, and over 50 clinics across Metro Manila, clinical effectiveness has also been the driving force behind its regular development and innovation programs and conscientious quality outcome assessments.

Clinical effectiveness can be realized through evidence-based practice which promotes the Triple Aim of healthcare: better quality; improved patient satisfaction, and reduced cost. The foundation of evidence-based practice is making clinical decisions backed by up-to-date scientific research and expertise that safeguards patients’ needs. Nonetheless, the 1500 TMC physicians are often challenged by inadequate, incorrect, and even contradicting information when it comes to deciding which treatment options work best for their patients.

Maintaining the quality of care and pursuing clinical effectiveness can be tough when there’s not enough reliable data to verify all treatment practices.
Dr. Rafael S. Claudio, TMC’s Chief Medical Officer

While the internet and search engines may temporarily relieve the quest for a vast amount of professional knowledge, what TMC physicians needed was empirically validated results that could be easily accessed at the point of care to facilitate their decision-making process. They needed a reliable resource that could help minimize medical errors and variability in care while enhancing outcomes.

A one-stop shop for diagnosis and treatment recommendations

As an institution that constantly provides quality care and health innovations, TMC turned to UpToDate®, a clinical decision support tool by Wolters Kluwer to answer physicians’ queries in the most efficient way. UpToDate is an authoritative channel of clinical information, updated daily following a continual comprehensive review of peer-reviewed journals, clinical databases, and other resources, by more than 7,300 world-renowned physician authors and editors.

UpToDate’s extensive collection of topics includes drug information and medical calculators that cater to various medical subspecialties. Each topic page contains a date indicating when the information was last reviewed or changed. As a single, trusted source of information for diagnosis and treatment recommendations, UpToDate is also used by TMC consultants as a point-of-care tool in their outpatient clinics, and medical trainees and students use it as a reference tool for their researchers and team discussions.

A sleek interface that promotes easy navigation and learning new practices

While some physicians might resist adopting new practices, a decision support system like UpToDate®, which delivers trusted, relevant content seamlessly to clinicians as part of their workflow, is essential for getting clinicians on board with new solutions without additional burden or considerations.

Keeping up with the most current scientific knowledge requires me to read at least 17 journal articles every day. This is not possible to achieve as I still have clinical duties. With UpToDate, I can refresh my knowledge base and be in the loop whenever new treatments are available.
A TMC Pediatrician
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