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ComplianceFinanceDecember 17, 2020

Recurring search tracker

Unprecedented levels of risk call for a speedy due diligence solution to help you stay protected. 

With defaults expected to rise to more than 10% due to the pandemic, you need to uncover risk as soon as it arises to protect your lien position. 

You won't find this custom automation anywhere else. Learn how recurring search can help reduce risk:

  • Frequency – You choose search frequency, based on deal size or risk 
  • Alert type – Federal tax liens and state tax liens, judgment liens, UCC liens, bankruptcy records, and more 
  • Status – Choose between active or on-hold. You can suspend searches and reactivate searches when desired
  • Trigger date – Set your searches to be performed on the 1st or the 15th of the month 
  • Results – Get the results of all of your searches on one spreadsheet


Want to know more? Download the brochure to get all of the details on recurring search. 


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