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ComplianceFinanceMarch 05, 2021

Protect your lien portfolio

In-house Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) loan operations face complications at every turn. Unexpected changes to UCC filing data, modifications to debtor information, filing errors, and inaccurate terminations can compromise your lienholder status and priority position. It’s time to manage the complexity to get protected and stay perfected.

Are you protected?

From the first day a lien is filed, a complicated process begins that continues through the entire life cycle of a lien. Your lien doesn't necessarily stay perfected; there may be errors on the lien, debtor names can change, and borrower status can change at any time.

The health of a lien is only as strong as its ongoing due diligence. 

Protect your lien portfolio

Obtaining and maintaining perfection requires attention throughout the life of a loan. With the right strategy, you can enjoy the benefits of perfection and avoid financial risks. 

Download our brochure and see common examples of changes that can affect lien perfection. 

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