FinanceSeptember 26, 2019

The Future of Business Partnering - FSN’s Global Survey 2019

The report explores how the Office of Finance can become a Business Partner for the entire organization and how this is beneficial for the entire business.

The latest FSN research found that a whopping 90% of financial business partners assert that their activities contribute to profitability. So why aren't more CFOs and finance resources partnering with business? The same survey found that 45% of CFOs struggle to make time for any business partnering initiatives at all.

In “The Future of Business Partnering,” FSN research maps out the landscape of financial business partnering. The report explores what successful catalysts for change are doing right, the factors constraining lackluster partnerships, and how you can make changes today to help finance achieve its profit rearing potential.

Report Highlights

  • Data mastery is critical to effective business partnering.
  • Lack of process standardization and automation holds organizations back.
  • The true gauge of a business partnership’s success is profitability.
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