Take a proactive and precise approach right from the start.

Mitigate the back-office administrative challenges arising from hospital staffing shortages and the ever-changing rates of Medicare. Safeguard your bottom line and empower your staff to leverage automation and analytics for improved efficiencies and enhanced cash collections.

With MediRegs, access a comprehensive solution designed to significantly boost your organization's return on investment. Gain precise insights into regulatory, reimbursement, coding, and compliance matters, ensuring a cohesive strategy for success.

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Conquering compliance: How healthcare organizations can mitigate risk
A strong compliance strategy and program are key for healthcare organizations to reduce their financial and operational risks. But with an evolving regulatory environment, coupled with increased administrative costs, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain compliance.
So, what is the solution?

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  • Panacea Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Panacea selected MediRegs because they are first to market with CMS changes and regulatory updates. Our hospital clients count on us to provide data they use for budget forecasts, identifying areas of coding deficiency, and to monitor revenue leakage. With MediRegs batch and API services we are able to dedicate our time more effectively.
Fred Stodolak
  • Providence Health Plan
MediRegs has provided our auditors with the resources they need. It’s intuitive, user friendly and provides the right resource at the time we need it.
Lisa Jensen
  • Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C.

We are a Healthcare law firm, and we need an automated way to know about drafts or revisions to LCDs. We need to know about this information in real time so that we can keep our clients, mostly hospitals, aware of changes.
Jennifer L. Smitherman

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