LegalVIEW Dashboards provide business intelligence and at-a-glance views of key metrics and analytics for legal spend and legal operations. Easily visualize and track key metrics and analyze their performance against goals, baseline metrics. and industry benchmarks. Powered by LegalVIEW, the world's largest source of legal performance benchmark data, they provide a simple, consolidated, and cohesive view of business information. This enables smarter, faster, and better-informed decisions that lead to exceptional departmental performance. LegalVIEW Dashboards seamlessly integrate into TyMetrix 360° and Passport applications and offer clients the ability to:

  • Easily access data to analyze and track performance against budgets, goals, and strategies
  • Gain key insights faster and improve the efficiency of decision-making
  • Track outside counsel performance, including matter costs, staffing allocations, and rates
  • As a data contributor, take advantage of rate benchmarking dashboards to drive strategic sourcing decisions and better legal outcomes
LegalVIEW Dashboards can be tailored to track performance on multiple dimensions based on each client's needs. A comprehensive series of pre-built KPI dashboards is available, or clients may choose to build their own custom KPI dashboards. LegalVIEW Dashboards also have the ability to consolidate data from multiple sources beyond legal spend and matter management or claims defense systems. This results in rich, reliable, and multi-dimensional views of business performance and enables clients to make better-informed, data-aided decisions.
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Features and benefits

Visualize, track, and communicate performance with ease

  • At-a-glance views of key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metrics provide a concise and consolidated format to analyze performance against business goals and objectives and easily communicate key metrics to executives and business partners.
  • Pre-built, interactive KPI dashboards with drill-down capability allow for more granular analysis of matters, operations, legal spend, and more, which enables better-informed business decisions.
  • Data visualizations on multiple dimensions, including bar, column, line charts, and graphs, allow users to analyze and interpret data quickly without having to run detailed reports.
  • The ability to benchmark legal spend and legal operations performance to industry peers using data from LegalVIEW, the world’s largest data warehouse of legal performance benchmark data, allows clients to identify where they excel, as well as opportunities for improvement (available exclusively to LegalVIEW data contributors).

Efficiently share relevant information and insights

  • The ability to easily export data and KPIs into other formats, documents, and presentations to share with business partners and key stakeholders, which enhances communication and collaboration.
  • Custom-built KPIs track and measure metrics and performance specific to a client’s strategic objectives, which allows users to quickly view and analyze the factors that most impact their business.
  • Dashboards can update on a set frequency, and email reminders are sent to notify users when a dashboard is available for review, which ensures that users always have the most current and relevant data to inform decisions.

Enjoy secure, efficient, and easy deployment

  • Delivered as a SaaS-based offering, the dashboards solution requires no on-site installation or technical support, which makes it easy to get started.
  • Data can be imported into the solution from multiple sources across the organization without complex integration work, which makes the solution easy to manage while also enabling consolidated reporting.
  • Near-real-time data updates and secure encryption ensure that clients always have access to the most current metrics and information and that their security requirements are met.
  • Role-based security ensures that data is only accessible to authorized users and that staff members have access to the information that is most relevant to their role.
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