Demonstrating value to the company can be hard 

In many situations, the legal department is seen as a ‘black-box’ – a department of the unknown, disconnected from the business and a bottleneck to progress. These descriptions may seem harsh, but it is often the reality. Many corporate legal departments are seen as a cost center, not a value-driver. They are seen as old fashioned and responsible for slowing down legal process instead of matching the fast-paced expections of businesses today. Neither corporate legal departments, nor the businesses, can allow this to continue. 


A bottle-neck to progress


Old-fashioned and overdetailed


A cost center

From a barrier to enabler 

The legal department of the future will not simply solve problems, it will head them off before they can gain any real hold – informing and supporting the strategic-decision making that will drive the business forward and transform legal department from a barrier to an enabler.



Bring all teams together on one basis of understanding towards business goals


Give business owners information they need when they need it, in a clear and relevant way


Share information, communicate transparant, automate processes, generate reports - contribute to the business!


Enable business growth with Legisway

  • Improve the strategic value of your legal department and become a catalyst for business growth.
  • Bring all together on one basis of understanding of the role and value of the Corporate Legal Department 
  • Allow transparency and clarity in all Corporate Legal Department functions and activities
  • Provide the business with the information it needs; efficiently, with clarity and accuracy
  • Contribute to improved business performance – avoiding unnecessary costs and fines and accelerating cashflows
  • Enable collaboration, managed through rights access, to empower shared responsibility and self-servicing actions across departments; software and templates guides non-specialists through relevant processes – confident they are correct and compliant
  • Demonstrate the value within the individuals and the Corporate Legal Department more explicitly.
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