Transform the digital health experience with UpToDate Digital Architect

As technology providers work to create powerful tools that support the continued growth and evolution of telehealth, we know that you may be challenged with how to:

  • Drive demonstrably effective care virtually.
  • Prove and improve patient outcomes.
  • Increase health equity and access.
  • Innovate and increase trust as technology changes at a dizzying pace.

UpToDate® Digital Architect aims to provide easy, flexible access to the tech-enabled content you need to help meet these goals. View our content buyer’s guide to learn more on how you can decide what will make the most impact.

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“By integrating UpToDate and Emmi through Wolters Kluwer's content-as-a-service model, we offer the best digital healthcare backed by the latest evidence for clinicians and reinforced by digital programs for health consumers that go beyond the consultation.”

— Keith Algozzine, PA-C, founder and CEO, UCM Digital Health

UpToDate Digital Architect is your trusted partner to help you achieve your strategic goals
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Create clinical relevance

  • Augment patient encounters with the industry’s most trusted content
  • Unify the care team with reliable, trusted clinical and educational content
  • Improve health outcomes

Transcend transactional encounters

  • Create long-term patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Build your vision for patient experience that meets their expectations

Accelerate innovation and transformation

  • Focus on your vision and let UpToDate handle the content
  • Let innovators help fuel your innovation
  • Drive transformation with trusted, unified solutions from UpToDate Digital Architect

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