Singapore Withholding Tax and Treaties Online is a comprehensive online subscription service designed to assist businesses manage this concern.

It is the only resource in the market with comprehensive coverage – an extensive 14 different types of payments and a wide library of tax cases consolidated from around the world.

Content Coverage

  • Concept of Withholding Tax
  • Singapore Withholding Tax Rules
  • Implications of Double Taxation Agreements
  • Withholding Tax Case Laws
  • Tools: Tables, Checklists, Flow charts

Legislations & Other Source Materials

  • Australia, British, India, Malaysia and Singapore Withholding Tax Case Law
  • Withholding Tax Forms
  • IRAS e-Tax Guides
  • Withholding Tax Legislation
  • Full text of Singapore's DTAs

News and Articles

  • Singapore Tax Tracker, a weekly alerting service that keeps you up-to-date with news and developments.


This 12-month subscription can be accessed through CCH IntelliConnect®, Wolters Kluwer’s online subscription content with powerful search functions to speed up research.
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