Transform your research with CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search
Wolters Kluwer has launched an innovative new addition to the CCH IntelliConnect platform. CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search is a free installable browser add-on that instantaneously scans search engine queries along with Wolters Kluwer subscriber content. So at the same time you’re searching on Google or your search engine of choice, it searches on CCH IntelliConnect, and it delivers those results back to your search engine page.
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We have invested a huge amount of time in improving our search interface and CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search enables you to simplify your search queries by displaying CCH IntelliConnect answers directly on Google®, Yahoo!® or Bing®, without having to log in.

This one-of-a-kind technology is part of our journey of customer-focused continuous improvement. It gives you:

  • One-click activation allows for seamless integration with your search engine research.
  • Streamlined login enables credentialed access to the CCH IntelliConnect search or article selected.
  • Single download and quick installation process.
  • A network install version is available for firms where network security limitations make it difficult for individual downloads and installs.

We Listened

A Google-style search would be good
It would be good if your search worked more like a Google search.
The Google generation needs one click access from anywhere, automatic logins and Google type searching

We Delivered

I use it constantly. It saves me a lot of time by having confidence that my Google® search and simultaneous CCH IntelliConnect search has completely covered the tax topic.
Bruce G. Baldwin, Director Emeritus

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Ready to get started?

Please note - Our Browser Search Plugin is currently undergoing development work to make it even better. Stay tuned - this new plugin will be available soon!

This intelligent add-on delivers you content seamlessly with other Internet search results, in a way that is familiar and easy to use.

CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search is available for download now and is complimentary for all Wolters Kluwer clients. We are currently the only information services provider offering clients this technology.

Download CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search now.

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