Vikram Savkar is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Compliance Solutions, a business unit of Wolters Kluwer Financial & Corporate Compliance.

In his role, Vikram oversees a successful, growing business within Wolters Kluwer noted for its product innovation, technology advancements, and unparalleled domain expertise. The business is dedicated to helping financial institutions efficiently manage risk and regulatory compliance obligations, while gaining the insights needed to focus on better serving their customers and growing their business.

Vikram joined Wolters Kluwer in 2012 as Vice President and General Manager of the company’s Legal & Regulatory division, helping accelerate the growth of its international legal business. In 2019, he joined Wolters Kluwer’s Health division as Senior Vice President and General Manager, where he was most recently responsible for the Medicine Segment of the Health Learning, Research & Practice business. During this time, Vikram oversaw product innovations that advanced the digital evolution of information and productivity solutions for medical researchers, clinicians, medical students, and faculty to inform evidence-based decisions on care and outcomes.

Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, he held senior positions at Nature Publishing Group and Pearson Education. He has undergraduate degrees in physics and classics from Harvard University.

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