FinanceAugust 31, 2023

3 ways companies gain from tech-enabled strategic planning

Companies that rely on outdated accounting from siloed apartments are losing ground. Smart finance departments are leaning on new technologies for monitoring and reporting that provide collaboration across functions and gaining insights from current data.

Integrated business planning (IBP) or extended planning and analysis (xP&A) are two names for the same thing: Gathering various inputs across the organization and creating an ongoing cadence to drive consensus on forecasted expectations. This approach can help:

  • Remove language barriers: Translate the supply chain language into the finance language
  • Improve transparency: Get everyone working from a single platform with access to the same data
  • Enable ESG goals: Create strategic plans based on relevant metrics that improve diversity and reduce carbon footprints

Better business planning starts by finding the right platform partner. Learn more about what to look for.

Integrated Business Planning
Bring visibility and agility to planning. Link the entire planning chain with one source of the truth.
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