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Practical ways to reduce the hours you spend in an audit engagement (Part 1)

22 September 2022 | 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM SGT
Seeking ways to reduce time spent during your audit process?

Join Wolters Kluwer Product Manager, Quah Kai Li to explore how to save time doing the tasks below.

Key highlights

  • How to save time when you import client’s trial balance and populate respective leadsheets
  • How to clean up a messy trial balance
  • Organise your PBC list with ease in cloud
  • How to post an audit adjustment journal entry and update the relevant workpapers automatically
  • Have confidence to look at the most up to date document

About the presenter

Quah Kai Li is a former auditor and Product Manager, for Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific.

About the Digi-Audit Pro webinar series

This webinar is the second of a four-part webinar series which is designed to assist audit firms in how to implement audit software in your business, the benefits of using audit software, and the requirements you need to consider before implementing audit software.

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