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Book with one author/editor example:

Bragalone DL, ed. Drug Information Handbook for Oncology. 17th ed. UpToDate Inc; 2022:765-768.

Book without author example:

Adult Drug Information Handbook. 22nd ed. UpToDate Inc; 2023:1143-1147.

Mobile software/apps

UpToDate Lexidrug mobile app example:

UpToDate Lexidrug/Amoxicillin. UpToDate Lexidrug app. UpToDate Inc. Version 8.2.0. Accessed March 28, 2024.

UpToDate example:

Friedman LS. Approach to the patient with abnormal liver biochemical and function tests. In: UpToDate, Connor RF (Ed), Wolters Kluwer. (Accessed on March 8, 2023.)

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Databases/online software

Lexi-Drugs database example:

Amoxicillin. Lexi-Drugs. UpToDate Lexidrug. UpToDate Inc. Accessed March 28, 2024.

Lexi-Tox example:

Ferric Hexacyanoferrate [DECONTAMINANT]. Lexi-Tox. UpToDate Lexidrug. UpToDate Inc. Accessed March 28, 2024.

Facts and Comparisons example:

Minoxidil Oral. Drug Facts and Comparisons. Facts and Comparisons. UpToDate Inc. Accessed March 28, 2024.

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