Guide new graduates to incorporate evidence and quality improvement into their practice

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Offer a transparent and empowering environment for faculty to monitor and support student progress

  • Administrative dashboards provide real-time progress monitoring student projects.
  • Approvals, project progress, and communications are controlled and tracked easily.
  • Reduces variation and provides consistency in teaching
  • Ensures goal alignment between the academic organization and their clinical partner
  • Provides structural support for faculty mentor and clinical advisor

Equip future nursing professionals with the competencies and confidence

  • Provides just-in-time guidance at every stage of the project cycle
  • Facilitates rigorous literature searches and project documentation, necessary for successful EBP and QI initiatives.
  • Enables faculty to devote more of their time with coaching and mentoring students, focused on the development of essential competencies.
  • Streamlines academic workflow through an intuitive technology solution that fits seamlessly into existing program infrastructures.

Meet CBE standards by offering standardized templates and decision-support tools

  • Workflow templates that help guide learners and faculty to ensure quality project outputs
  • Relieves faculty and students from the burdensome administrative tasks
  • Streamlines project collaboration, implementation, and dissemination
  • Hits key requirements for updated AACN Essentials and other CBE
  • Standard templates that ensure adherence to project/research workflow for structured approach and reliable outcomes

Enhance the learning experience by providing a structured approach and collaboration

  • Reduces variation and provides continuity of learning
  • Ease of communication that improves collaboration and communication
  • Can provide formative feedback throughout the project cycle
  • Offers a transparent and empowering environment for faculty to monitor and support student progress
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Nurse leaders’ experience with Ovid Synthesis

I love this tool. It allows the users to see the big picture and progression as well as to keep everything in a pretty place. It's a great product.
- DNP Student
This makes literature search easy. This helps to organize the parts of my student papers that they used to have to manually integrate.
-Associate Professor, School of Nursing
We have over 15,000 employees. So we want any employee, any graduate student, any resident who's a part of our system to use Ovid Synthesis.
–Director, Health System Nursing Professional Practice and Education

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