Large insurance company gains efficiencies with TeamMate+ Data Exchange API
ComplianceJanuary 17, 2024

Large insurance company gains efficiencies with TeamMate+ Data Exchange API

Internal audit teams will find greater overall success when enabling system-level collaboration. Collaboration that facilitates the ability to address real or potential risks and stay consistently aligned with key stakeholders. Internal audit teams rely on opportunities that aggregate and link core business systems and deliver accurate reports, comprehensive dashboards, and enhanced visualizations.

Aligning the needs of the organization

TeamMate recently spoke with the Head of Digital Audit from a large insurance company to learn more about how their Digital Audit team has been able to gain efficiencies utilizing the TeamMate+ Data Exchange API by:

  • Creating processes that ensure the resources, technology, and applications are efficiently deployed to support the goals of the audit team.
  • Aligning and integrating with the TeamMate+ Data Exchange API functionality which results in a synchronicity that is much more dependable and sustainable.
  • Delivering a level of confidence that has continued to ensure success between teams and across the organization.
Having this API is the key to recreating a connection between systems, and it is in line with the trends we are seeing in the industry. Consolidating data via APIs enables us to create a single source of truth.
Head of Digital Audit

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Inside this case study, you'll learn about how this large insurance company was able to gain efficiencies with TeamMate+ Data Exchange API.
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