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HealthSeptember 16, 2022

Conway Regional achieves sepsis program quality and financial goals

Conway Regional Medical Center’s leadership team saw an opportunity to improve its sepsis program and overall care for this patient population. 

With more visibility into patients’ status and timely and accurate alerts, the clinical team hoped to achieve strong SEP-1 compliance rates to reach Conway Regional’s target compliance goals.

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Conway’s clinical team in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer team has: 

  • Identified patients with sepsis earlier with Sentri7® Sepsis Monitor’s real-time, precise alerts and reminders that guide care. 
  • Improved SEP-1 bundle compliance by more than 20% over four months. 
  • Achieved cumulative savings of $384k in the four months since going live with Sepsis Monitor.

“We were focused on creating a comprehensive sepsis program from the beginning. Our sepsis solution needed to include putting the right people and team members in place, standardizing processes that make doing the right thing easy, and implementing sophisticated technology, like Sepsis Monitor, which enables our teams to deliver the best patient care as quickly as possible,” said James Reed, PharmD, Chief Information Officer. 

We value the partnership and expertise of Wolters Kluwer to help us transform Conway Regional’s sepsis program.

~ Andrea Harrison, BSN, RN, Director of Quality, Conway Regional
Download the case study to learn more about Conway Regional’s goals, challenges, and results in utilizing Sepsis Monitor to achieve significant sepsis performance improvement.  

Access the case study

Dr. Itay Klaz is responsible for directing clinical efforts toward the development, implementation and support of Wolters Kluwer Sepsis Surveillance software solutions.
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