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FinanceTax & AccountingApril 13, 2023

A beginner’s guide to: Getting started with APIs in tax

Whether we realize it or not, we rely on APIs (application programming interfaces) nearly every time we use a mobile app or open a web browser. Checking the weather forecast on your phone? An API from The National Weather Service makes it possible. Double checking your savings account balance online? APIs are at work in the background there, too, authenticating your login in real time. Simply put, APIs make the modern digital world go round.  

Tax pros are not an exception, especially those who already use CCH Axcess™ Tax in combination with several solutions for their tax and accounting workflows. Explore how to use APIs to support connectivity between those systems, and significantly boost the corporate tax team's productivity. 

In a world where integrations drive efficiency, APIs drive integration. Learn how CCH Axcess APIs can optimize the way corporate tax teams update common data, manage tax data & tax records, store documents, handle electronic filing, and more.

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