Provide patients an engagement journey rooted in clinical expertise 

Mastectomy or lumpectomy? Walking after joint replacement surgery or staying in bed? Reducing salt intake and monitoring their weight after a CHF diagnosis or not? Each of these decisions is part of a care journey that determines outcomes and performance. UpToDate® Engage (formerly EmmiEngage) provides the most trusted clinical information, delivered in ways that patients can best understand and through the devices they prefer, in order to improve outcomes. Learn more about our approach to patient engagement.

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How University Hospitals supports the patient journey

University Hospitals members discuss how UpToDate Patient Engagement technology (formerly Emmi), informed by behavioral science principles, personalizes patient outreach and fosters new patient behaviors in ways that are important to University Hospitals, including the increase in preventative screenings they are seeing as a result.

"The thing it does is enable patients to be better consumers, to be smarter about what’s happening, and put in a way that you can digest, that’s friendly to you as a patient and ease you through that so that your expectations are aligned to what you’re likely to see.”

- Jeff Sunshine, MD, CMIO, UH Hospitals

Support patient care journeys with UpToDate Engage

Inspire patient empowerment

Interactive programs harness the trusted editorial rigor of UpToDate with behavioral science to design effective patient “conversations.” This unique focus informs and coaches patients as they prepare for procedures, manage chronic conditions and utilize healthcare services more effectively.

Give your patients individualized support at scale

Engaging technology enables you to deliver personalization at scale and without additional staffing. Through simple rules and by applying developed best practices, you can support patients over time with individual care journeys, across identified populations.

Target and measure your patient engagement efforts

UpToDate Engage has been designed to help you track, document and measure the impact your patient outreach efforts. Through targeted planning of patient engagement and interventions where they can deliver value, we can then measure the outcomes those efforts drive.

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Watch a clip of UpToDate Engage (formerly Emmi)
Patient engagement is about removing misconceptions and providing reassurances while fostering a conversation that motivates your patients to take action for their health.

You can’t improve what you don’t track and measure. UpToDate Engage can measurably improve performance and satisfaction across a variety of care journeys.

Expert Insights to help engage patients

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