General Information concerning Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information’s (WKCDI) policies for publishing drug price data is provided below. A more detailed explanation of WKCDI’s U.S. Drug Price Data Policy is available here. You are encouraged to review that Drug Price Data Policy carefully and in its entirety both before using the pricing information contained in the Medi-Span drug information solutions and when making ongoing decisions about reasonable and appropriate uses of that information.

General Information

Pricing data is currently published in multiple solutions offered by WKCDI. Generally there are two types of price data files:


  • These drug prices are published by the U.S. Government and are downloaded and republished by WKCDI.
  • Includes:
    • NADAC: National Average Drug Acquisition Cost
    • PAL-B: Payment Allowance Limit-Part B
    • ACA FUL: Affordable Care Act Federal Upper Limit
    • Medicaid Rebate File


  • Manufacturers provide pricing data that WKCDI publishes and/or uses as a basis for additional price types.
  • Price data files are available as flat files or online reference tools

Important Information About AWP Data

Despite its name or possible use as an index, the AWP published by WKCDI is not an “average” of actual wholesale prices. It is not derived from, does not reflect, and should not be assumed to represent, either (i) the actual prices paid for drug products in transactions between wholesalers (meant to include any party that buys drug products directly from a manufacturer) and their customers, or (ii) any discounts, rebates or other price reductions that wholesalers may offer to their customers in connection with those transactions. In fact, a wholesaler or other direct purchaser from a pharmaceutical manufacturer may agree to sell its drug product to one or more of its customers at a price that is on its face or effectively different than the AWP published by WKCDI. WKCDI relies entirely on pricing information reported to it by drug manufacturers in determining the AWP that it publishes for a particular drug. WKCDI may verify that pricing data submissions from a drug manufacturer are authorized and authentic, but WKCDI does not perform any independent investigation, survey, or analysis to determine whether any pricing information reported to it by manufacturers is an accurate representation of drug purchase or sale prices paid by wholesalers, retailers, hospitals, physicians or other drug purchasers in actual marketplace transactions. As a result, WKCDI AWP information will change only following and as a result of a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s report of a drug price change to WKCDI.

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