Kluwer IP Law is a partner to Intellectual Property Law professionals in the Pharma Sector worldwide. We support your peers through rich insights presented via a wide range of sources such as those described below

The Brown Book: our flagship publication and key resource for IP professionals to locate fee data; Its exhaustive contents include:

  • Separate chapters, in alphabetical order, for nearly 200 countries and several regional industrial property protection systems
  • Full text of the most important conventions, treaties and agreements (including the Paris Convention, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and the Madrid Agreement)
  • A section on the European Patent System, describing the European Patent Convention and its implementing regulations
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Extract following information, inter alia, on Patents, Trademarks and Designs, for Pharma Specialists:

  • Annuities and Fees from several jurisdictions in one overview
  • Kinds of Patents available
  • Duration of protection
  • Second Use
  • What may be patented
  • Treatment of the human body
  • Requirements for filing application
  • Rights of prior use
  • Infringement
  • Assignment
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Comparison of jurisdictions in relation to Patent Protection for Second Medical Uses

AIPPI Series, authored by Jochen Buchling

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This text explains the key jurisdictional (19) differences and challenges in protecting and enforcing second medical use (SMU) claims, where each chapter considers such issues and topics as the following:

  • Availability of protection,
  • Validity of claims
  • Scope of protection,
  • Enforcement, and
  • Infringement and investigations of SMU claims

This publication provides a detailed country-by-country analysis by focusing on specific issues and national peculiarities that deviate from the European Patent Office (EPO) practice

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