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  • Lease accounting
  • SEC Filing
  • Presentation and financial statement disclosures
  • Audit methodology

Lease accounting

Lease accounting is one of today's hottest topics and the implementation of the new Financial Accounting Standards Board Leasing Standards will continue to keep it that way.

Accounting Standards Codification Topic 842 and International Financial Reporting Standards No. 16 change how organizations are required to account for leases. With few exceptions, entities must recognize lease assets and lease liabilities on the balance sheet. These standards also change how entities disclose key information about leasing arrangements.

CCH AnswerConnect provides detailed implementation guidance on leases including FASB ASC Topic 842. Don't risk your reputation. CCH AnswerConnect will make you an expert on accounting for leases.

Lease Accounting for CCH Accounting Research Manager
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SEC Filing

CCH AnswerConnect 10-K Lookup is a powerful search engine that retrieves data on SEC filings (e.g., Forms 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, etc.) from the SEC EDGAR filings database.

You can quickly find specific data within extensive SEC filer information on people, companies and industries.

10-K Lookup streamlines research for CCH AnswerConnect subscribers by providing access to accounting, auditing and SEC interpretations and guidance, plus actual SEC filings.

This module, paired with your subscription, allows you to seamlessly move within the platform from researching rules to viewing actual SEC filings.

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Presentation and financial statement disclosures

With either of the two automated disclosures checklists available on CCH AnswerConnect, you can customize and tailor the relevant disclosures checklist and simplify the complex process of preparing financial statements.

With each one, you'll have access to a centralized source of the required and recommended disclosures currently in use for the standards you're applying. Plus, you'll have expert guidance on the scope and interpretation of certain disclosure requirements, saving valuable time while still ensuring that disclosures are complete and accurate.

See hundreds of illustrative examples from actual financial statements, the U.S. GAAP Financial Statements — Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure gives you a straightforward picture of U.S. GAAP compliance. The AutoCheck IFRS Disclosures Checklist on CCH AnswerConnect is an extremely valuable tool that reduces cycle time while improving compliance confidence. The practical functionality and precise tailoring transforms a painstaking manual process into a highly efficient one. Utilize these tools and more to get the most for you.


With hundreds of illustrative examples from actual financial statements, the U.S. GAAP Financial StatementsBest Practices in Presentation and Disclosure gives you a straightforward picture of U.S. GAAP compliance. With comprehensive coverage of virtually every required disclosure, you'll have illustrations of the most important, immediate and challenging disclosures, including derivatives and hedging, consolidations, and fair value measurement.

Employee benefit plans 

The Employee Benefit Plans Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure provides a multitude of illustrative disclosures for financial statements of employee benefit plans. Understand the effects of the clarified reporting standards resulting in changes to all audit reports that are to be filed with the Department of Labor, in accordance with GAAS, and have access to illustrative disclosures that include the latest fair value measurement and disclosure requirements in GAAP.

Not-for-profit entities 

For those who need to prepare statements in the not-for-profit sector, the Not-for-Profit Entities Financial StatementsBest Practices in Presentation and Disclosure provides a wide variety of financial statement presentations and disclosures. With illustrations of fair value measurements and use of estimates, liabilities including split interest agreements and pension plans, income taxes and uncertain tax positions for tax exempt entities, and much more, this is an essential resource for the preparation of not-for-profit financial statements.

Key features

  • Access two valuable automated checklists: the AutoCheck U.S. GAAP Disclosures Checklist and the AutoCheck IFRS Disclosures Checklist.
  • Enjoy powerful AutoCheck functionality and interface that provides significant advances for preparing financial statements.
  • Tailor checklists for your unique needs.
  • The Employee Benefit Plans — Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure provides a multitude of illustrative disclosures for financial statements of employee benefit plans. 
  • For those who need to prepare statements in the not-for-profit sector, the Not-for-Profit Entities Financial Statements — Best Practices in Presentation and Disclosure provides a wide variety of financial statement presentations and disclosures.


CCH Accounting Research Manager AutoCheck automated disclosures checklist

Audit methodology

When you want high-quality audits, preparations, compilations or reviews that comply with AICPA risk assessment standards, it’s time to equip yourself with Knowledge-Based titles. To help firms meet the demands of the latest standards, Wolters Kluwer developed an effective process that combines the latest advances in technology with a specialized methodology. The Knowledge-Based methodology was developed from the ground up to ensure the best possible approach to implementing AICPA risk-based standards.

Each title in our Knowledge-Based framework includes the latest requirements for audits, preparations, compilations and reviews for specific types of companies or organizations. Knowledge-Based titles assist you in performing your work by providing relevant and up-to-date expert guidance, risk assessment tools and comprehensive practice aids.

Additionally, you can download the Titles Release Schedule.

 Commercial Entities*  Common Interest Realty Association*   Construction Contractors*   Dealership* 
 Employee Benefit Plans  Examinations of Service Organizations (SOC)  Financial Institutions   Government Entities 
 Healthcare Entities  HUD-Multifamily Housing   International Entities   Examinations and Agreed Upon Procedures 
  Not-for-Profit Entities*  Public Entities (PCAOB)   Real Estate Entities*   Single Audits 

*Indicates a separate title available for preparations, compilations and reviews.

Produce high-quality audits, preparations, compilations and reviews — compliant with AICPA risk assessment standards — using:

  • Knowledge-Based documents that contain steps and procedures required by Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)
  • Program documents that guide you through related steps and procedures
  • Practice aids that help you complete steps or processes outlined in other documents
  • Correspondence document templates that include engagement letters and confirmation requests
  • Auditor’s Report documents and templates for a variety of sample auditor’s opinions on audited financial statements

Titles for CCH AnswerConnect

Knowledge-Based titles utilize Wolters Kluwer's Knowledge-Based methodology, which helps you perform more effective and efficient financial statement work. Each one is written for a specific industry to help you mitigate risk and achieve more effective GAAS compliance for that type of business. With the information in a Knowledge-Based title, you can ensure the accuracy of your work, improve efficiency and streamline your workflow. These titles are available as Add-On Modules, provided as Microsoft® Word and Excel® documents, making them searchable along with all the other content available to you.

To view available titles, download the Titles Release Schedule.

Titles for CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach and CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach

CCH ProSystem fx and CCH Axcess Knowledge-Based titles utilize the same expert content as the CCH AnswerConnect modules. All titles are written by practicing CPAs within a framework that provides an integrated set of procedures from pre-engagement through evaluating, concluding and reporting. The Knowledge-Based methodology framework helps you manage AICPA standards and ensures that important information is not overlooked or hidden in the details of numerous checklists and forms.

These titles provide the content that fuels the interactive processes used in both CCH Prosystem fx Knowledge Coach and CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach. The technology and content come together in a step-by-step process that facilitates the auditor's or accountant's thinking as he or she performs an audit, preparation, compilation or review. Each title is complemented by a full industry-specific guide on CCH AnswerConnect that features interpretive material to help you get the most out of the workpapers every step of the way, and with a direct link from within the application.

Quality Control Materials (QCM) Review and Examination

To confirm the technical accuracy and quality control of our materials, Wolters Kluwer voluntarily submits to a QCM Review or QCM Examination of our publishing system and our publications. A QCM Review or Examination is essentially a peer review of quality control materials.

Our publications are reviewed every step of the way — from concept development to production—to ensure that we bring you the finest guides and workpapers on the market. In addition to the QCM Review or QCM Examination, our publications are updated annually and undergo strict technical and content reviews by qualified practitioners. This ensures that our products and practice aids are compliant with the most current standards and have “real-world” applicability.

Below are the most current QCM reports for each title enrolled in the program.


Please click the report name, and complete the form, to access the report.

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