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Assess your legal department’s maturity - the first step to selecting technology to fit your needs

The legal sector has been at an early stage of transformation driven by economic, demographic, regulatory, technology and competitive demands. Those forces will continue to drive change in the industry, with their impact now amplified by the COVID-19 crisis. While legal professionals are turning to technology to help them achieve better outcomes, not all in-house lawyers are doing so at the same pace, and those already leveraging technology have an early adopter advantage in terms of higher profitability and readiness to take on change.

Leveraging technology might sound easy given the number of solutions available in the market. However, selecting the right solution that fits your needs can be challenging, especially if you have no idea how your legal department fares in its maturity journey. Corporate lawyers who are overwhelmed by increased workloads and the added pressures of working from home risk to overlook assessing the legal department’s maturity and instead be tempted to decide on the first solution they can get their hands on. Most often, the outcome will be disastrous. Why? Imagine paying for a liver transplant when you only needed to treat toothache...!

Assessing your legal department’s maturity can help you define the right fit between people, processes and investment for your organisation. Once you define where you are on the maturity journey you can select a solution that can help you increase your maturity. 

To help you in this respect, we’ve developed a self-assessment to help you rate your legal department’s maturity according to the following key dimensions:  

  1. How you store and find legal data and/or documents related to the entire company- Information is power. Do you use a DMS? Are you able to quickly find what you need? Or are document scattered across shared drives? 
  2. How you collaborate with colleagues across the business- Knowing and having a standard way to communicate with colleagues across the business and tend to request couldn’t be more relevant in 2020. 
  3. How you manage your daily work– Are your overburdened with work or do you have automated processes that help you free up time for higher-value work? 
  4. How prepared you are to manage change – Do you have visibility over your commitments or are you vulnerable to risk?

By taking this simple questionnaire you can get a clearer idea of what your true needs are and discover what type of solution can help you overcome your biggest pain points.

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