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Your work will help professionals make critical decisions that impact the lives of millions of people and shape society for the future. Our expert solutions – a combination of deep domain knowledge with specialized technology and services – deliver better outcomes, analytics, and improved productivity for our customers. As part of the Wolters Kluwer team, your work will help our customers when they need to be right – for their clients, their patients, their businesses, and the communities they support.


Delivering deep impact when it matters most

As a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services, Wolters Kluwer is committed to helping professionals improve the way they do business and solve complex problems with confidence in an ever-changing world. We are dedicated to the investment of everyday success of the individuals and organizations we serve in over 180 countries. Every day, our customers face decisive moments that impact the lives of millions of people and shape tomorrow’s society.

Wolters Kluwer has served professionals for over 180 years, helping them enhance workflows and make informed decisions. We’re recognized and valued for helping customers realize their potential and deliver impact when it matters most. 

Human impact that moves society

When you join the Wolters Kluwer team, you’ll be working for a global company that has deep impact on the success of its customers which affects the lives of  millions of people and shapes society for the future. Your work at Wolters Kluwer helps to protect people’s health, prosperity, safety, and legal rights while building better professionals in business.  Wolters Kluwer provides an environment where you are a critical part of the changing world, where you’re exposed to critical thinking and the latest technologies.

We’re stronger together

Over 19,000 employees in 46 countries who are inspired by opportunities and challenges, and eager to act.

  • We treat everyone with honesty and respect
  • We’re global citizens who care and give back
  • We’re determined: we work hard and smart
  • We create rewarding work environments: we inspire and support each other to achieve success

Our Work Environment

We continuously strive for an inclusive company culture where we attract, develop, and retain high-performing, productive, and diverse talent.  We offer broad and deep career paths depending on your aspirations.  Our colleagues share their knowledge and support your growth.  Our managers aim to develop each person and provide an environment where you can shape your future and thrive.

We have 19,000 employees in more than 40 countries, who are inspired by opportunities and challenges, and who are eager to act.

Your career is waiting for you

You want to find the right role in the company that is right for you and your career so you can be successful.  We want to identify the right person with the right capabilities that will make a contribution to their team and business unit and our success. Our hiring process will give both of us the opportunity to ensure we are a good match.

The process begins with the application and hopefully ends with an accepted offer.  In between, our dedicated talent team will walk you through each step, from phone screen through signing an offer letter with the ultimate goal of setting you up for success at Wolters Kluwer.

What do I do if I suspect a fraudulent source is contacting me about a job at Wolters Kluwer?

Please be cautious of common scams that offer unauthorized Wolters Kluwer employment opportunities. Our recruiters who contact candidates will never ask for banking information, or request an application fee. Additionally, we do not ask for any refundable security deposit to be paid in bank accounts for employment purposes. Please note, Wolters Kluwer does not send communications or offer letters from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or any other public email accounts or demand a fee in lieu of an employment offer / interview. If you receive such e-mails, please do not share your personal information or pay any fee or deposit. We encourage those who think they may have been contacted by a fraudulent source offering a job on behalf of Wolters Kluwer to report it via [email protected] for investigation. If you have already made a payment, please log a complaint with the local police for necessary legal action to be taken. 

Diversity Matters
Wolters Kluwer continuously strives for an inclusive company culture in which we attract, develop, and retain high-performing, productive, engaged, and diverse talent to deliver on our strategy. As a global company, having a diverse workforce is of the utmost importance. We are proud to again be recognized as one of America's Best Employers for Diversity on Forbes America's 2021 list.

Our Divisions

Our purpose is to help professionals deliver deep impact when it matters most. Our Health, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Legal & Regulatory and Tax & Accounting divisions provide expert solutions, helping protect people’s health, prosperity, safety, and legal rights while building better professionals in business.