Stop digging through patient records to identify HAIs. Sentri7 saves you time so you can focus on patient care to improve outcomes and performance.

Despite investments in robust EHR systems, many hospitals struggle to implement and maintain technology-enabled infection prevention & control programs. By integrating Sentri 7 clinical surveillance with your EHR, your team can drastically reduce the time spent identifying HAIs and at-risk patients and associated tasks.

Sentri7® Infection Prevention

A recent CDC point-prevalence survey found that on any given day, about 1 in 31 hospital patients have at least one HAI. Driving sustainable improvements to facilitate your IP program relies on your expert team.

Infection Preventionist at Compouter
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The threat hiding in plain sight - equipping your hospital to combat HAIs. Learn how Kate uses Sentri7 to prevent, monitor, and manage HAIs - like C. difficile infections - in her hospital. 

Sentri7 evidence-based rules and analytics help you improve the impact of your IP program on your hospitals' outcomes. Your team can optimize clinical care by identifying patients that need attention and alerting clinicians in real-time to: 

  • Identify and prevent HAIs
  • Monitor and report COVID-19 cases
  • Proactively identify clusters or increasing trends to investigate and address earlier
  • Better manage multi-drug resistant organisms
  • Effectively manage isolation and other patient care decisions

What's more, your team is being asked to do more with fewer resources. Sentri7 eases the burden of regulatory reporting by allowing you to streamline patient identification and regulatory reporting requirements, such as NHSN and notifiable conditions. 

Why Customers Choose Sentri 7 Infection Prevention

Clinically Trusted

Transform evidence-based guidance into practice to minimize care variation.

Sentri7’s content enables your team to adopt and customize new rules in minutes across your facility or health system. Continuously monitor your patient population to identify communicable diseases or HAIs through automated flagging of at-risk patients. Our clinical experts continuously update our content, aligning it with guidance from regulatory bodies and medical associations. Clinical recommendations accompany each rule for qualifying patients, allowing your team to quickly adopt the latest evidence into practice.


Tailor infection prevention workflows and improve efficiencies.

Sentri7’s tailored workflows save time, improve regulatory compliance and enhance team communication. Its sophisticated rule logic normalizes EHR data to give your team a central view of at-risk patients, so clinicians can deliver timely, evidence-based care.

Sentri7 standardizes and automates key infection prevention tasks such as LabID events, HAIs and notifiable conditions. In addition, Sentri7 stays current with the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) protocols, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to send validated data to the NHSN with one-click reporting.


Actionable Insights

Transform data into insight. Optimize impact on patient care. Reduce HAIs.

Enable your IP team to rapidly identify and reduce the incidence of HAIs to improve patient outcomes and cost-effective care. Sentri7’s interactive dashboard saves you time and helps you prioritize IP program improvements with a comprehensive view of your IP program for facility and health system-level.

Analyze LabID, device- and procedure-associated infections and performance. Calculate and compare NHSN standardized infection ratios in Sentri7’s dashboard for HAIs. Sentri7's flexibility also allows you to address emerging conditions such as COVID-19.

Predictive Surveillance

Artificial intelligence (AI) takes the guesswork out of C. difficile detection.

The AI-powered surveillance behind Sentri7’s predictive CDI algorithm continuously monitors the inpatient hospital population in real-time to identify at-risk patients sooner. Sentri7 monitors patients’ risk levels and automatically updates the score if the patient condition changes, allowing clinicians to address modifiable risk factors at appropriate stages and proactively prevent C. diff infection.

NEW Sentri7's Cluster Management: Cluster Detection Dashboard + Patient Tracing

Identify clusters of infection, increasing trends, or new emergence of organisms or conditions early.  

The Cluster Detection Dashboard monitors organism and notifiable condition results on an ongoing basis and proactively identifies increasing or newly emerging trends early.                                                                                                                                                                    Patient Tracing provides on-demand patient tracing summaries which identify patient contacts that may have been exposed to a given case of interest. 

Customers Succeed With Sentri7


A 63-hospital health system standardized antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention initiatives across its facilities. Using Sentri7, this health system used real-time alerts for early identification of at-risk patients, and deployed best practice management of this patient population to reduce practice variation and reduce HAIs. That’s the Sentri7 difference.

  • 23% reduction in SIR for CDI cases 

  • 49% reduction in CAUTI rates

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Optimize workflows and processes so infection prevention can spend more time on patient care 

“We spent at least half of the day sorting through stacks of paper and trying to find an infection and then typing every infection to NHSN. Sentri7’s electronic documentation, surveillance and reporting has helped tremendously for our workflow and processes and allowed us more time to work with patients and support healthcare teams.” – Angel Mueller, UnityPoint Health System.
That’s the Sentri7 difference.  

  • 28% decrease in surveillance time by the team 
  • 46% decrease in time for NHSN reporting 

Watch this video about UnityPoint saving time with Sentri7.

Explore the more of the Sentri7 difference and its impact on healthcare facilities.

AI Predictive Surveillance Detects At-Risk Patients Sooner
Artificial intelligence is a game changer for preventing and managing C. difficile infections. AI-driven predictive surveillance in Sentri7, identifies at-risk patients sooner, allowing clinicians the opportunity to address modifiable risk factors and proactively prevent C. diff infection using known, evidence-based prevention.

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