Telehealth resources and support for students and hospitals

Whether you are new to telehealth or have been practicing for years, Lippincott® TelemedInsights provides essential training and support, allowing you to treat your patients efficiently, effectively, and safely.


Instill best practices

Your students, whether they are enrolled in an OT, PT, MD, DO, PA, or NP program, will learn the best practices of telehealth with Lippincott® TelemedInsights.

Save time

Use Lippincott® TelemedInsights to empower your students with the tools and resources they need to provide the highest quality of care. Self-paced learning modules allow students to get training on their own time.

Build knowledge and confidence

Lippincott® TelemedInsights builds students' confidence by providing clinical skills they can apply both virtually and in-person.


Lower costs

By providing the right training and tools, your organizations will develop a long-term sustainable model lowering overall costs and improving productivity.

Increase efficiency

Lippincott TelemedInsights was created by clinicians for clinicians, so it has tools to standardize, streamline, and optimize your telemedicine trainings.

Improve patient experience and outcomes

Learn everything you need to know about choosing the right technology, improving the patient experience, maintaining outcomes, and ensuring the highest quality of care.

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Lippincott TelemedInsights provides self-paced training, including:

  • Telehealth primer
    • Defining telehealth and telemedicine
    • Types of telehealth
    • Telehealth: benefits and challenges
  • Patient care via telehealth
    • Obtaining accurate vital signs
    • Conducting the virtual visit
    • Conducting specialty-specific exams
  • Regulations, reimbursement, and ethical issues in telehealth
    • Introduction to telehealth regulations
    • Legal and regulatory issues in telehealth
    • Reimbursement for telehealth
  • Interprofessional telehealth teams
    • Team-based care to provide telehealth services
    • Communication among telehealth team members
    • Telehealth as a facilitator for innovation
  • Infrastructure and organizational readiness for the provision of telehealth
    • Evaluating, selecting, and adopting telehealth technologies
    • Technical infrastructure, training, and resources
    • Assessing patient safety and quality of care
  • Mobile health technologies
    • The interface of health technologies and telehealth
    • Factors influencing the future of remote patient monitoring
    • Case studies in mHealth and remote patient monitoring
  • Downloadable checklists provide additional guidance
    • Patient care checklist
    • Patient privacy checklist
    • Peripheral terms glossary
    • Telehealth technologies checklist
    • Quality of care checklist

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