LegalCollaborator, early firm engagement and competitive bidding
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LegalCollaborator is an early firm engagement and competitive bidding solution integrated into Passport and TyMetrix 360°.

Gather upfront matter details with the option to ask for competitive bids from multiple firms. Gain clear, concise, and auditable insights on key matter data:

  • Firm strategy
  • Staffing
  • Timekeeper diversity
  • Conflict waivers
  • Pricing
  • Firm value adds

Because LegalCollaborator is integrated with our spend and matter management platforms, you can connect matter planning with pricing enforcement. The benefits are immediate:

  • Firms communicate the unique value they bring to the table
  • Legal departments have the ability to view an apples-to-apples comparison of firm value
  • Automated process, resulting in higher productivity with less redundancy
  • Closer collaboration and transparency with trusted firms, driving greater value from each engagement and strengthening your relationship with outside counsel
  • Better predict costs and attain tighter e-billing guidelines compliance, cost controls, and savings

Connect matter planning with pricing enforcement in one system

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