Integrated Shift Management Application

Because the handover is easily readable and quick—accounting for less than five percent of operations staff time—operators might not always be able to give it the importance it deserves. In the small amount of time that is available to them to perform handovers, a transparent and easy-to-use system is needed to provide everyone a view of what is important and relevant for them.



A dedicated overview of what happens during shifts makes it easy for the incoming and outgoing parties to exchange information and sign the shift or crew handover.



Selecting information for and during shift and crew handover is easy. This reduces preparation time and fosters collaboration between the operation teams while creating the detailed handover report.



Risk of incidents is reduced as the electronic logbooks pull information directly from source systems, enhancing the quality of the logs that are available for the shift or crew handover.

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With the Control of Work and Field Operations solutions, we are able to gain complete control and visibility on our operations, all while harmonizing our safe way of working across Gassco’s assets.
Gassco, Norwegian gas distribution company
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