HealthFebruary 15, 2023

Why it’s time to amplify virtual care experiences

Digital health technology is now part of the hybrid healthcare delivery model. In this podcast, industry expert Yaw Fellin shares how companies and start-ups can play a key role in helping amplify the quality and the experience of virtual care for both clinicians and patients.

While the urgent expansion of virtual care was initially centered around technology and accessibility, health consumers, patients, and clinicians are now demanding more meaningful experiences that fit right in their daily lives and answer their care needs.

How can providers and health plans offer virtual care that aligns with on-site visits? What can industry innovators and start-ups do to elevate virtual care experiences as part of their product development?

Yaw Fellin, Vice President, Product and Solutions, Clinical Effectiveness, at Wolters Kluwer, Health“We found that there’s a tremendous need to amplify the quality and the experience for both clinicians and patients, and that fits right at the intersection of where and how we provide clinical and health education content,” says Yaw Fellin, Vice President of Product and Solutions for Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer, Health, in a podcast for HLTH Matters.

HLTH (pronounced “health”) is a platform that focuses on health innovation and transformation. Listen to the discussion with Fellin as he explains why digital health technology must leverage trusted tech-enabled content at scale. He also introduces Wolters Kluwer’s latest innovations:

  • UpToDate® Consumer Education from the UpToDate Digital Architect solutions helps organizations improve the digital health experiences of their customers with rich evidence-based content integrated in their solution.
  • UpToDate Guide brings incremental benefits to health plans by helping them with care management, particularly scaling member engagement.

These solutions are part of the UpToDate Enterprise Suite which all draws content from proven information technology UpToDate® clinical decision support, consulted an average of two million times per day across the globe by millions of clinicians.

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