LegalMay 10, 2022

Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast Episode 9

ELM Solutions’ AI team celebrates five years of continued success


Episode 9 of Legal Leaders Exchange looks back on the impact that AI has had on the legal operations function in the five years since ELM Solutions introduced the first AI-driven legal bill review offering, LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer. Jeff Solomon, Senior Director of Product Management, and Abhishek Mittal, Vice President of Data and Operational Excellence, discuss how ELM Solutions’ outstanding team of artificial intelligence experts developed the legal industry’s most advanced suite of AI-driven tools and features.

Listen to learn more about:

  • Why AI is not a replacement for legal ops professionals and why it is most effective when paired with human expertise
  • How AI improves the legal bill review process and how the team tests the effectiveness of the AI algorithms
  • Additional areas where AI can drive increased legal ops improvements, such as converting paper invoices to the LEDES standard and selecting the right outside counsel for a matter
  • The importance of building trust in AI solutions to ensure that those who can benefit most from AI are comfortable and confident in using it
  • The questions to ask a potential AI solution provider to ensure you get a solution that will work well for your organization

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