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Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast Episode 7

2022 CLM success factors: Effective risk management

This episode is the last of our two sessions hosted by Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer of World Commerce & Contracting, and featuring Lee Matthews, Associate Director of Product Management for ELM Solutions. Continuing their discussion of how to plan for contracting success, they focus in this episode on how a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution can be a key part of a company’s overall risk mitigation program. The conversation includes the impact of CLM technologies on risk across the contract lifecycle, as well as its influence on contract value.

Listen to hear our experts discuss:

  • The most common points in the contracting cycle that introduce risk and erode contract value
  • Steps organizations can take to address their contracting risk, depending how far along the CLM maturity curve they are
  • Why it is critical to account for the risk inherent in day-to-day contracting operations, not only during crises
  • The importance of considering the entire technology ecosystem when making decisions about a CLM solution
  • How organizations can take a strategic approach, rather than focusing exclusively on immediate transactional risk

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