LegalFebruary 02, 2022

Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast Episode 6

2022 CLM success factors: Managing the velocity of change

This Legal Leaders Exchange episode is the first of two podcast sessions hosted by Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer of World Commerce & Contracting, and featuring Lee Matthews, Associate Director of Product Management for ELM Solutions, about how your organization’s contract lifecycle management (CLM) approach can help improve performance. Our experts discuss the factors that impact CLM success and how to make advancements no matter where your company currently stands with respect to CLM maturity.

Listen to learn more about:

  • The significant negative impacts that inefficient contract management can have and the benefits of improvement
  • How technology can help deliver on the organization’s highest business proprieties and which technologies provide the greatest support for a remote work environment
  • The importance of good data and shared real-time access to it
  • How to measure the maturity and success of your organization’s CLM approach
  • Where to start if your company is still using manual or siloed contracting processes and what to look for in a CLM product and vendor

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