LegalSeptember 24, 2021

Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast Episode 3

The Importance of the Human Factor in Legal AI-Enabled Solutions

Artificial intelligence has become a common ingredient in many legal operations solutions. However, while advanced technology is necessary in these tools, technology alone is not enough to make an AI-enabled solution useful and valuable to legal ops professionals. In this episode, Wolters Kluwer’s Vincent Venturella and Abhishek Mittal explain why human expertise is just as important as cutting-edge data technology.

Their discussion includes the following topics:

  • The types of expertise that need to be represented on an AI-driven development team
  • How data, technology, and legal ops experts work together to create a powerful solution
  • The importance of transparency and clarity in developing AI tools users can trust
  • How human experts work with data to ensure that AI-driven solutions improve over time
  • Why leadership is a critical trait for teams developing AI solutions

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