LegalAugust 31, 2022

Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast episode 13

Trends in vendor mix and total outside spend


Two of ELM Solutions’ chief legal analytics experts – Nathan Cemenska, Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights, and Jeff Solomon, Senior Director of Product Management – join the 13th edition of Legal Leaders Exchange to talk about the patterns in both total outside legal spend and vendor engagement that were identified in the recent LegalVIEW Insights report volume 5. This report examined some of the trends that began during the height of the pandemic to provide an update on changes between 2020 and 2021. Some of the findings were unexpected.

Listen to hear about:

  • The changing level of outside legal spend in 2021 and what factors could be contributing to the shift, including discussion of industry-based differences
  • How the pandemic affected vendor counts at corporate legal departments and what happened to this metric as companies began to emerge from that period
  • Strategies that can help legal departments limit and mitigate rate increases
  • The effect of significant vendor convergence on corporate legal departments: a positive reduction in overhead vs. too much of a good thing
  • The role of ALSPs in the current legal market and the pros and cons of engaging them instead of law firms for some work

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