LegalJune 21, 2022

Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast episode 11

How Novartis successfully deals with megamatters


“Megamatters,” those matters that are particularly large and costly, have a very large impact on overall legal spend. In this episode, Nathan Cemenska, ELM Solutions’ Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights, speaks to Jennifer Phillips, Associate Director of Legal Operations and Business Relationships at Novartis, about how she and her colleagues work together to manage these megamatters and ensure good business outcomes.

Listen to learn about:

  • How and why to be proactive in planning for these matters and the steps to take before a megamatter begins
  • Cost control vs. cost management: What is the difference and when is each approach most appropriate
  • How analytics can provide visibility to stakeholders and help ensure that your goals for billing, staffing diversity, spend, and other measures are on track
  • Using data to choose a fee model that is appropriate to a specific matter based on its type and complexity
  • The importance of true partnerships and communication in law firm relationships

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