LegalJuly 28, 2021

Legal Leaders Exchange - Podcast Episode 1

Volatility in Outside Counsel Spend - Containing the Chaos

In the introductory episode of our Legal Leaders Exchange podcast, Nathan Cemenska (Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights) and Matt Kivlin (Senior Director of Product Management) discuss the findings in the latest LegalVIEW Insights report. The report revealed vast swings in legal spend for many companies over a five-year period, with almost a third of companies seeing 90% variation between their highest and lowest annual spend.

Topics include:

  • The outside-counsel forces affecting spend and the levers that companies can use to control costs
  • Making the case for investment in technologies that help keep legal spend down
  • Budgeting and planning strategies that account for “unknown unknowns” and resulting swings in spend
  • How basic best practices can help companies avoid significant overspend on legal services
  • Which industry has the most success in keeping legal spend flat and how they do it

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Nathan Cemenska
Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights

Nathan Cemenska, JD/MBA, is the Director of Legal Operations and Industry Insights at Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions.

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