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Increasing team satisfaction with audit analytics for everyone

You may be thinking that increasing satisfaction, skills, and becoming more effective is a lot to ask for but stick with me and I think you will see that it’s completely possible.

It stands to reason that increasing the skills of your employees leads to better results for them, their team, and your organization. Increase the skillset of an auditor, and you increase the skillset of the audit team. So how does employee satisfaction tie into this?

In many audit organizations, the largest opportunity for growth and increased effectiveness is in the use of analytics. The challenge is that many auditors associate analytics with a steep learning curve. Auditors have seen or even experienced difficult to use analytics tools which is why so many organizations have tried over the years to advance their organization’s analytics capabilities but have made little to no progress.

However, here at TeamMate, we have seen great examples of organizations overcoming this mindset.

Download the report, Increasing Team Satisfaction with Audit Analytics for Everyone, to see the 10 Best Practices to Improve Your Audit Analytics Program.

Ken Petersen
Associate Director, Product Management
Ken has over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing systems and working with data in a variety of capacities while working for both Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial software development companies. Since 2002 Ken’s focus has been on the Governance, Risk, and Compliance space helping numerous customers across multiple industries implement software solutions to satisfy various compliance needs including audit and SOX.


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