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ComplianceJune 16, 2021

How data analytics helps internal audit evolve

Data Analytics Helps Internal Audit Evolve During Challenging Times

As a government services provider, this organization’s internal audit team adheres to a risk-based audit approach to manage its ever-changing regulatory demands. Data analytics plays a key role in supporting that approach by helping internal auditors leverage data to get a real-time pulse on the organization’s risk.

Add to that the stress the global pandemic has put on the organization’s business, processes and internal controls, and it becomes even more critical for auditors to use data to identify emerging risks, as well as pinpoint opportunities to improve. The organization’s internal audit team relies on TeamMate Analytics, a powerful, Excel-based audit analytics tool, to help them extract actionable intelligence and valuable insights from the large amount of data their organization generates, making it easier to proactively analyze their risk landscape.

“Like many organizations today, increasing our use of data analytics is a high priority,” said Angela, an internal audit professional at the organization.

The familiarity all auditors have with Excel makes TeamMate Analytics extremely intuitive and user-friendly. It’s so easy to navigate that I’ve been encouraging our partners to get on board as well.
Angela, Internal Audit Professional at a Government Services Provider
Things are evolving at a rapid pace, and TeamMate Analytics makes our audit work more meaningful to stakeholders because it gives us the flexibility to keep up with these changes and adjust accordingly.
Angela, Internal Audit Professional at a Government Services Provider
“We offer unique insights into the organization that other functions cannot, which helps us position ourselves as a trusted advisor and create a strategic alignment with the organization. The new normal we are operating in only reinforces the tremendous benefit that Internal Audit brings to the table.”
Overall, Angela credits TeamMate Analytics with enabling her internal audit team to deliver greater assurance to their business, especially as new challenges and risks quickly emerge during these unprecedented times.
For auditors who are challenged to improve audit productivity while delivering strategic insights, TeamMate provides expert solutions, delivered with premium professional services, to auditors around the globe and in every industry.

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