The future isn't what it used to be
FinanceApril 01, 2022

The future isn’t what it used to be

Find out what the future holds for the Office of Finance in the construction sector.

Every role in the Office of Finance is changing, and changing fast. How much of what finance leaders do today will be part of their roles tomorrow? How will changes in the wider construction sector impact the skills needed in the Office of Finance?

We’ve teamed up with Applied Futurist and renowned author Tom Cheesewright to take a look into the future of the Office of Finance in the Construction Sector.

Using an ‘intersections’ framework, we take a look at how trends in the construction industry – and the economy more widely – will create a very different finance function sooner than you may think.

Alongside long-term predictions, we’ll look at impact in the medium-term as well as short-term actionable insights to make sure you’re already moving at the pace of change.

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