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Watch this video to see how easily user security is managed within CCH Tagetik at the most granular level throughout the application
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User security within any application in the workplace is important, but when it comes to an application managing financial or even operational data, it's critical.Let's take a look at how easy it is to control user security within CCH Tagetik.First of all in CCH Tagetik we have two levels of security, we have role-based access to the application, for example system administrators or data entry and reporting users, and we have user rights and restrictions where we can specify security at a more granular level.

Let's focus today on user rights.For all users or even reference users who we use to group user rights together, we have the ability to restrict their access to a particular dimension,to a report or even any other area of the application.

This is important because the system will have data, reports and processes that should not be accessibleto every member of the organization that has access to the application, for example salaries.

So let's take a look at how easily we can set up restrictions on dimensions.To restrict access on salaries for example I'll change the account dimension from unrestricted to restricted and save.

Once we label dimension as restrictedwe'll define what restrictions there are within that dimension, so let's say we have a user or group of users whose views I want to exclude a particular account or node,I'd simply add a new item to the restriction list, select exclude as the option and then navigate to the node or account within my account hierarchies.

I mentioned salaries earlier, so let's take a look at our employee expenses and our compensation node, rather than selecting our wages and salaryaccount, I'm going to select the compensation node itself, I'll do this because if a new account gets added to the hierarchy under the compensation node, we wouldn't have to updatethe user rights as they automatically are inherited.

Once this is saved this user will no longer be able to see any compensation account informationthroughout the entire application, you'll also be able to see within our user right screen that the user is now restricted on the account dimensionSo security within CCH Tagetik can be easily set at the individual level as shown in this exampleand the same can be done at the group level where we would have assigned users to inherit those restrictions.

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