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2 min demo: Managing Metadata

CCH Tagetik is intended to be owned and administered by the office of finance. Here we will show how using a point and click, drag and drop approach users can easily update metadata as well as hierarchies seamlessly in the CCH Tagetik graphically enriched Administration tool.
2 minute demo
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Managing metadata.

CCH Tagetik is intended to be a product that will largely be managed and owned by the office of finance.

To assist in doing this we've created an environment that leverages point and clickdrag-and-drop to make adjustments to the metadata that will be used by the system.Users have full ownership of this graphically enhanced environment, so they can modify and move tiles around, sorting them as neededbut always making updates to the single unified database in the background.Users can manage more than just dimensions, they can manage data processes, user's rights, even ETL.

Let's take a look at the dimensions.By simply selecting on it and presenting with all of the dimensions that are in my current database,now I can make updates directly to the list of elements within anyone of these particular dimensions or I can even viewand make updates directly to the multiple hierarchies that are maybe associated with anyone of these dimensions.

Let's take a look at the departmental view.Here as you can see amongst my cost centers FP&A I have 3 elements, let's say I want to add a new treasury cost center to the structure and to the overall application, well I don't have to set it up in the list and then add it, I can actually add it directly here, by simply hit in this button, updating the code and the nameand with that, simply hit save.

The system has now added not only the new element for treasury, it's also updated the structure.

In fact using ‘Relationships’ I can go ahead and add this into the other hierarchies that I have available, so let's say for example, I want to add this to my ‘All Practice Groups'.Now it maybe that your list is too clearly long and you may want to have a different approach to adding to these hierarchies,so we also have the ability to change the view to a Parent Node view … and now looking at treasury, I can come in and now make the selection off nodes, as to which node I wish to add this to.

Now of this particularly long list I also have the option of exporting to Excel this entire set of lists and then making the updates and reimporting it into from Excel.

Now keep in mind that lot of these, for example, cost centers and accountswill probably be maintained using an ETL to your ERP system where they'll all naturally be managed, so that continues to exist in the background.But this shows the ease way in which you can also manage dimensions that aren't being owned by another source system or your ERP system.So there you go, quick and easy managing of metadata in CCH Tagetik.
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